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بناية ريد افنيو،

Al Garhoud, Dubai UAE

09:00 - 17:00

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    ص.ب : 10103، مكتب رقم M-08، بناية ريد افنيو، القرهود، دبي، إ ع م

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    الأحد- الخميس:

    9 صباحاً -5 مساءً

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We have the experience to represent clients before local courts for all types of litigation

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Office follows up on all real estate and rental cases before the municipality, the Department of Land and Property...

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الشؤون التجارية وشؤون الشركات

We have experience in drafting and reviewing all types of commercial contracts...

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الدعاوى الجنائية

We provide service to clients for filing complaints at Police station and follow up to transfer it to court if require...

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We review with our clients the issues in dispute and their interests and assist with analysis of the various risks associated with the dispute including best and worst alternatives to a Negotiated Settlement...

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الاستشارات الرياضية

Alawi Advocates (in partnership with CLMC) takes special pride in being one of a few firms in the region that offer consultations in sport line on national and international basis...

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فض المنازعات

CLMC has established a commendable record and vast experience in resolving disputes through litigation before the courts of law, arbitration, reconciliation or mediation...

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