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Our services

Dispute Resolution

CLMC has established a commendable record and vast experience in resolving disputes through litigation before the courts of law, arbitration, reconciliation or mediation. The services CLMC provides in this connection covers all aspects of litigation and resolution at all levels of court system and resolution panels. In all possible times, CLMC works closely with its clients to ensure that the proceeding handled and disposed of in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.
Settlement and Debt collection
Debt collection is a negotiation/mediation/settlement to recover the outstanding debts of the creditor/clients through our correspondences with the default Company. We follow a debt collection strategy that is efficient and cost effective. this service includes amicable settlement of unpaid dues through Alternative Dispute Settlement with Companies and Individuals out of courts. Resolving bounced cheque or Returned cheque issues and collection of unpaid invoices

Translating Existing Documents

We can translate ourselves or arrange for the translation of any existing documents you have in order to make them acceptable for any overseas jurisdictions where they may be required.


Issuing Documents in Arabic Language

In addition to our translation services, we can also directly issue documents in various foreign languages. We have experts in various languages, as well as a selection of qualified translators.


What we offer?

We aim to provide efficient translation services at competitive prices. Most standard translations are completed in less than 24 hours. Using our service is the easiest way to get your documents Translated and Legalized/Apostilled at the same time. Simply email an electronic copy of your document to us for a fast quote and let us take it from there.